Tori Easton & Victoria Voxxx – Writer’s Block


Tori Easton & Victoria Voxxx (Writer’s Block)

Tori Easton, a writer, is on the phone with her editor. Through their conversation, it’s revealed that Tori is on a deadline for her latest short-fiction magazine submission, and that she is writing a story with a friends-to-lovers theme. Tori assures her editor that the story will be delivered on time but deflects giving any story details, stalling by saying that it’s gonna knock their socks off but they’ll just have to wait until it’s done.

But when Tori hangs up, it’s clear by her body language and anxious muttering that she in fact doesn’t have anything written at all. She’s experiencing severe writer’s block. She stares at the blank page open on her screen for several moments, straining to think. Finally she sighs and shrugs and says to herself ‘Well, you know what they say… write what you know.’

With newfound inspiration, Tori sits at her desk and begins typing on her laptop. She decides to live out her fantasy of an intimate encounter with her lesbian friend, Victoria Voxxx. Maybe THAT will help get things moving in more ways than one…