Transfixed – Morning Pleasures


Transfixed - Morning Pleasures

Ariel Demure and Christy Love, two girlfriends, are cuddled up in bed, enjoying a serene morning together. They share embraces and caresses as they trail their feet lovingly along each other’s legs, savoring being close to each other. But eventually, Christy drifts off again, leaving Ariel gazing at her with such love and affection before getting up and ready for the day. Once Ariel returns after taking a leisurely bath, she finds Christy still sound to the world. Ariel’s eyes naturally trail to Christy’s cute bottom and her expression becomes thoughtful. She soon joins Christy again, gently stirring her. She lovingly tells Christy that she is ready to give Christy the experience she’s always wanted: anal sex. Christy is surprised indeed and excited as they come together for tender kisses that soon give way to passionate morning delight.