The Physical Nurses Retreat


The Physical Nurses Retreat

It”s time for a new installment of The Physical! This time, Dr. Dee Williams, Nurse Khloe Kay, and Nurse Jean Hollywood are hosting a nurses” retreat for 4 nurses in training. They begin by asking the 4 trainees to introduce themselves and explain why they decided to choose this career.

Charlotte Sins gets things started by saying that she loves helping people. Next, Jade Venus admits that she didn”t realize this was going to be a REAL nursing thing, and she thought they were just here to be models! However, she does think this real nurse stuff looks like it might be interesting. Dr. Williams assures Jade that she”s welcome to stay – maybe she”ll discover a new career path. The next person is Kira Noir, who says she”s here because she loves learning about the human body and how to heal all the different parts. And last but certainly not least, Eva Maxim says that one of her parents is a nurse, so she wants to follow in her parent”s footsteps.

Once the introductions are done, it”s time to show the trainees how to do a head-to-toe assessment. Dr. Williams is wearing a patient gown, so obviously she”ll be playing the role of the patient in this demonstration. Nurse Kay and Nurse Hollywood take turns showing how to do the assessment, explaining to the trainees what they”re doing as they examine Dr. Williams” eyes, ears, throat, and so on.

Eventually, things take a steamy turn when Dr. Williams removes her patient gown for a breast exam. The trainees are invited to get some hands-on practice, and they”re more than happy to put their hands all over Dr. Williams” breasts. As the lessons continue, the trainees are invited to touch Dr. Williams” thighs so they can check her pulse from her femoral arteries, then explore the rest of her legs and feet in order to test her reflexes. Finally, Nurse Hollywood reminds everyone that it wouldn”t be a proper full-body exam without showing the FULL BODY, so Dr. Williams removes her panties. Everyone starts eagerly fondling and kissing Dr. Williams, as well as each other. How”s that for a healing touch?