Ladyboy Confidential 2


Alan is a white guy living in Thailand and for quite some time now. When he first got to Bangkok, girls were the only thing on his mind. Slowly he started to expand his horizons and spread his wings a bit, occasionally enjoying a Confidential fling with a local Ladyboy. Recently however, Alan has lost total control and has completely succumb to the beauty and power of Thailands 3rd sex. He rubs their nuts and slowly strokes their salamis; he squeezes tranny milk out of their hormone boobs and buries his own cock tip deep inside their foreskin; and he gets fucked hard in his own ass now, barely grunting as the local ladyboys blaze a trail back to the Outback via his anus. Confidentiality is out the window and his obsession has led to an enterprising new business, where he pimps out his Ladyboy posse for profit and reaps all the benefits of being able to fuck them whenever he wants.