Korra Del Rio & Lola Fae – Bridal Reservations


Korra Del Rio & Lola Fae - Bridal Reservations

Korra Del Rio is standing in her room as a stylist puts the finishing touches on her gorgeous wedding makeup. She looks absolutely stunning in her wedding dress — almost as if she’s just stepped off the cover of a wedding magazine. When Lola Fae arrives, they are immediately taken in by Korra’s beauty, though they try to remain professional. But Korra is a bit taken aback, noting that Lola isn’t the same photographer she and her husband-to-be were working with before. Lola confirms that they weren’t — something had come up — but that they’ll take just as good care of Korra’s special day. Soon, Lola begins taking picture after picture of Korra, capturing her in as much detail as possible as she prepares for walking down the aisle. Even though each picture captures Korra’s beauty, there’s a certain reservation that’s captured as well. Despite this, each snap of the camera seems to build an unexpected heat between them… until Lola brings up the husband-to-be. When Korra abruptly pulls away, Lola thinks they’ve ruined everything. When they question what’s wrong, they are stunned to learn that Korra doesn’t want to think about her husband right now… She only wants to think of Lola! From that moment on, there’s no turning back.