Kenna James & Emma Rose – The Costume Party


Kenna James & Emma Rose - The Costume Party

One day, Kenna James excitedly arrives at Emma Rose’s house. Kenna is dressed up in a sexy fairy costume for a Halloween party and is there to pick up her bestie for an evening of fun. But when Emma answers the door, she’s just wearing her ordinary clothes and looking a bit sheepish. Kenna is surprised but then Emma tugs her inside, saying she needs help.
Emma leads Kenna into her bedroom and explains that, while she purchased a few costumes, she can’t decide which one to wear. Kenna suggests that Emma tries on a few so that she can help her decide. Emma is grateful and gets to work trying on her first costume… but each one is more revealing than the next, giving Kenna very sexy views of her bestie.
The sexual tension between them intensely continues to build as they both eye each other with growing desire. Although they try to resist temptation, it all goes out the window when Emma reveals her final costume: her birthday suit!